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08 Jun 2010

I’ve been keeping myself exceptionally busy recently. Beside my regular day job, developing web applications that just completely rock, I am coming home and doing 2-3 hours of work a night, not to mention as much time as I can squeeze on the weekends to do some free-lance projects.

One project that I find pretty awesome is building a front and back-end web application for my friend’s data scraping application. He is scraping up some specific, free documents that are scattered, we will bring them all together then grant access to users based on a subscription model. We aren’t the brains behind the idea, but we are the code ninjas.

I decided to build this on symfony as an exercise before starting work at my new company, but didn’t get very far before I started work. Luckily, the symfony experience I am gaining at work is helping push me to actually get stuff done, as development is much faster for me now that I don’t have to learn symfony.

The most interesting aspect for this project for me, is that we are building the database for the scraped documents in a schema-less fashion. Currently, the data is being dumped into a couchDB database, but later we will stick it into a MySQL database with a schema based on this nifty setup: FriendFeed. The tricky part of this, will be getting symfony to play nice, and generate the models correctly and on-the-fly.

I’d definitely like to get some good techie articles up here, but for now I don’t have the time and energy to talk about it (or the material!).