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Building Riak with Macports-installed Erlang

02 Aug 2010

In a nutshell, don’t do it. I kept getting this error when trying to build Riak (0.12.0) 64-bit on top of Erlang (R13Bo4) from Macports.

After downloading Riak source, I kept getting the error:

src/riak_kn_pb_socket.erl: 194 field contents undefined in record rpbputresp
src/riak_kv_pb_socket.erl: 193: Warning: variable 'PbContents' is unused...

After hopping on the #riak channel at, someone suggested that I build Erlang from either Homebrew or build from source. I am trusting package managers for Mac less and less, so I decided to build from source. However, I did not configure Erlang correctly, and it built using the 32-bit libraries (I WANT 64-bit!!!). The configure options for building Erlang for 64-bit that worked for me are as follows:

./configure --enable-kernel-poll --enable-threads --enable-smp-support --enable-hipe --with-ssl=/opt/local --enable-m64-build --enable-darwin-64bit --build=i686-apple-darwin10

After I made sure Riak was looking for the library files in /usr/local/lib instead of /opt/local/lib, I was able to run a make all (and make rel) to build Riak.

Note: if you get the error:

/Users/joseph/Downloads/otp_src_R13B04/bootstrap/bin/erl: line 28: $PATH/otp_src_R13B04/bin/i386-apple-darwin10.2.0/erlexec: No such file or directory /Users/joseph/Downloads/otp_src_R13B04/bootstrap/bin/erl: line 28: exec: $PATH/otp_src_R13B04/bin/i386-apple-darwin10.2.0/erlexec: cannot execute: No such file or directory make[3]: ** [../ebin/hipe_rtl.beam] Error 126 make[2]: ** [opt] Error 2 make[1]: ** [opt] Error 2 make: ** [secondary_bootstrap_build] Error 2

When trying to build Erlang, check the bootstrap erl executable in bootstrap/bin/ and make sure that the generated url there says i686 and not i386 as above.