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Riak erlang stream_list_keys example

07 Aug 2011

I’m not sure how long ago I forgot about this, but I just remembered about a nice little feature when I wasmoving some data around on a Riak cluster. As the post title points out, this feature is streaming list keys in a bucket. Since I like to write lots of little helper code when messing around with data in Riak, this quick little example shows how riak_client:stream_list_keys() can work:



stream_it(Bkt) ->
%% step 1: get a client, step 2: call stream_list_keys with that client
%% step 3: ??? step 4: profit!
  {ok, Client} = riak:local_client(),
  {ok, ReqId} = Client:stream_list_keys(Bkt),
  %% call your loop function to keep receiving keys as they stream in
  loop(ReqId, Client, Bkt, []).

loop(ReqId, Client, _Bkt, Acc) ->
    {_, {keys, A}} ->
      %% here, A will be a list of 1 key, many keys, or an empty list
      %% In this case, just append the key to the accumulator, otherwise
      %% you could do some other operations
      loop(ReqId, Client, _Bkt, Acc ++ [A]);
    {_, done} ->
      %% we've received the done message, so output our list!
      io:format("done\n~p", [lists:flatten(Acc)])

This is super-simple to work with in Erlang, and the riakc (protocol buffer) code will work nearly the same (I assume anyway!).

The useful bit of this is because list_keys can be a lengthy operation, you can begin doing work on the data before you receive all of the keys.